Praying In The Spirit

If you think that you are included in the ones that have a serious problem with self-confidence, you are likely to feel inferior. You feel so insecure to take every opportunity that comes to you whereas you are not that weak. Sometimes, a problem of self-confidence is also experienced by those that actually have a number of skills as well. In this case, they tend to wait for the most perfect moment or condition to show them. Some people even request for miracle healing prayer to help you out of this condition as they feel that it is a serious problem that needs a lot of supports including God.

It is good that you even get closer to your God when you feel like that you cannot do anything with your condition or problem. Realizing that you have God that is always beside you is something necessary for those that want to start their life again. By this way, you are likely to feel more encouraged to face your problems with stronger energy and motivation. When you make a good relationship with your God, you are likely to watch every what you do. You do not want to make your God disappointed.

One of the rituals that God really likes is praying. In this case, praying is an activity of communication between you and God. Every prayer of yours must be listened to. When you ask His help, actually you are in an attempt to believe that there is no power but God’s power.

God is the Greatest and He really likes people that really count on them. You should make a powerful prayer by praying in the spirit. Besides the prayer that you listen from your mouth, in the deepest of your heart, you should consciously recite the prayer as well. By this way, the prayer will feel more special to you.

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