Homeowners Can Try These 6 Tips To Maintain Their Wallpapers

In this modern era, there are many consumers who prefer practical ways to beautify the walls, one of which is by using Wallpaper. There are many types of wallpapers that you can find in stores, ranging from paper-based ones to those coated with vinyl, fabric, and acrylic. Its function is to close and beautify the interior walls of the house. Other functions, wallpaper is easy to install. The variety of styles makes you freely replace it according to your needs and tastes. However, the thing that is often overlooked is wallpaper maintenance. These wallcovering materials require extra attention. Aside from that, if you are confused with the choice of wallpapers for your room interior, you may hire one of the best interior and Construction companies in dubai.

Here are 6 tips for cleaning and keeping your Wallpaper durable:

1. Clean regularly. At least once a month.

2. Vinyl and acrylic wallpapers are easier to maintain. You can clean it only by using a wet cloth. Dip a wet cloth in warm water mixed with ordinary soap. Then wipe carefully. Use a soft brush for stubborn stains

3. Wallpaper made of cloth and paper should not be exposed to water, so it must be wiped with a dry cloth or dusted with a vacuum cleaner.

4. Don’t use paper and cloth wallpaper in the kitchen, bathroom, or children’s play area. This type is easy to absorb water and difficult to clean when exposed to ink stains, so you should use vinyl wallpaper in the area.

5. Repair the torn wallpaper immediately. Stick the tear in the original place. If the tear is already large and severe, you need to patch it with a new one. For that, when you buy wallpaper, it helps you buy more as a backup.

6. If you want to install a new wallpaper, do not stack it on top of the old wallpaper. Remove the old one first and make sure the wall surface is completely clean before attaching the new one.