These Views in Oregon Must Be Visited

Perhaps many know this small country in the United States. Who would have thought, many “paradise” in this remote country? Starting from the river, waterfalls, rocks, rainforest, everything is there. As a true traveler, you must visit NYE Beach and also these rocky places! Curious as to what the beauty of “paradise” contained in Oregon?

– Opal River
The Opal River has eight hiking trails. You will be greeted by views of five lakes and around 50 beautiful waterfalls. The river water is very clear.

– Thor’s Well
Who would have thought that such a fantastic sight was a drain in the Pacific? Thor’s Well formed naturally as if draining water from the sea. You can visit it at high tide at the best time. There is also the Cape Perpetua Visitor Center which offers spectacular sea views. You can watch gray whales migrating.

– Cannon Beach
Located in northwestern Oregon, this beach will succeed in capturing your attention when camping at night. How not, the stars are scattered over our heads. Seawater also reflects the light like a mirror.