These Are The Common Reflective And Non-Reflective Types Of Window Glass

Mirror glass is glass that is given a metal oxide layer through a complicated process. Basically, one side of the glass can penetrate the other side while the other side reflects a mirror-like image. Mirror glass is a type of glass that is suitable for you who want to maintain the privacy of a home without having to use curtains. This type of glass can also be used to make skylights on the roof of a house. Meanwhile, if there’s a broken window glass in your property, you may want to call a trusted window repair expert near your area.

On the other hand, ice glass or commonly referred to as frosted glass is a type of glass that has a texture on one side. This texture serves as a decorative element while reducing the intensity of sunlight and the sight of strangers into the house.

Houses that use this type of ice glass will feel bright during the day, but not so dazzled. You also don’t need to bother adding curtains anymore. Can also be used as a barrier or a minimalist partition between the porch of the house with the neighbor’s terrace to create privacy. However, this type of glass is most often used for shower areas in the bathroom.

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