Types of Central Air Conditioning in Aire Aconditionado Tijuana

Aire acondicionado Tijuana has some services to handle central air conditioning. There is various type of central air conditioning you can find, but the most common type is the split system. The split system has a fan-and-coil system inside with a large and boxy condenser outside the home that connected by pipes which carrying refrigerant. Dutch work will distribute air but not every home needed it to install central air. For a home with no require ductwork, split-ductless systems are another option aire acondicionado tijuana.

Before you’re installing air conditioning, here’s some information you need to know about the type of central air conditioning.

Central Air Conditioning Types in Aire Acondicionado Tijuana

1. Split Ductless System

Split ductless systems have an indoor blower unit called air handlers, which mounted high on the wall to distribute air, and an outside compressor and condenser. Both outdoor and indoor sections are connected by a thin conduit that houses the condensate drain, refrigerant tubing, and the power cable. The conduit usually runs through about a 3-inch hole that hidden behind each air handler. Each air handler that installed will cool the room and you can set the temperature with remote control. For the installation, it is recommended to hire professional aire acondicionado Tijuana. This type of air conditioning can be expensive than a window air conditioner.

2. Central Air Conditioning

Central air-conditioning system usually uses ducts to distribute cooled air through the entire house. The most common design in a split system air conditioner is the refrigerant will circulate between an outdoor condenser with compressor and an indoor coil. In the process, the refrigerant will cool the air and dehumidifying it with a blower circulates air ducts. A thermostat maintains the temperature at the setting that you have selected. There is a variation called heat pump which is a type of system that functions as air conditioner and heater. You may call aire acondicionado Tijuana for replacing and installment.

That’s some information about central air conditioning types in Aire acondicionado Tijuana. So it is important to choose the right types of air conditioning for your home needs. Hope it will be useful information for everyone who need it.

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